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VIP Online Casinos

What makes an online casino VIP? We are committed to bring you the best online casinos. Our highly trained staff rate online casinos on the following principles:

1. Bonus offers
2. Average Payout percentages
3. Fair Odds
4. Gaming Software
5. Popularity
6. Customer Confidence

Before you enter our vip online casinos, please follow these rules:

1. You must always Budget your money, have an idea of how much you are prepared to lose.
2. Gamble with your mind, not your heart.
3. Determine how much you are prepared to loose, do not exceed the spending limit if you lose.
4. Predetermine a goal for your winnings, pocket some, and gamble only with the remainder.
5. When you are winning, increase your bets only gradually.
6. Never play when you are stressed or tired.
7. Play only at online casino tables you can afford. You should be able to cover at least 25 bets.
8. Keep your online casino gambling expectations reasonable.
9. After five consecutive losses, leave the online casino table.
10.Have fun and quit while you`re ahead.